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Think it's time to let it go, if it can find a home.
$300 paypal shipped USPS in the US.

Will need radio/receiver/glow heater/fuel. Otherwise will come as listed below.

LRP30 S2
Sintered BP diffs (50K in each)
Steel 47T HPI spur/16T bell
Super HD outer bones/cups/long shafts
Modified 17mm hubs
Set of traxxas t-maxx 3.3 tires/wheels
Big bore shocks, white long springs I believe
T-Bone rear skid/wheelie bar
RPM center skid
Full Force RC dual CF brake disks
125CC OFNA tank (probably have the original tucked away somewhere I can include, may still have the mounts as well)
JR 8550 servo for steering
Hitec 985MG servo for throttle/brake
Integy rear axle carriers (no rear turnbuckles)
4mm 12.9 bolts replacing the lower hinge pins on the front c-hubs/rear axle carriers
Likely an intelect/integy/turnigy 1600mah NiMH hump pack in it, new last year
Standard 2 speed transmission

The body is ratty, just something to keep the chunks out mostly:

Exhaust is dinged up. I used to run a LST2 pipe on it, but found that the LRP30 did not seem to care for it. This is an old HPI Polished pipe I've had for many years. Charge port is something I put on it for convenience:

125cc OFNA tank:

Slider linkage, hitec 985MG t/b servo, steel spur:

LRP30S2, probably 1.5 gallons through it:

RPM center skid, FullForce RC CF dual brake disks, JR 8550 servo for steering

The 17mm hubs I modified to fit the longer HPI axle stubs so most of the hub rides on the large part of the shaft vs using the 17mm hex's/HPI hat nuts:

Video from last year when I had it out last (I've since replaced the busted rear dog bone and put the t-maxx 3.3 tires on instead of the revo talons that were on it in the video):

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