Savage on-road conversion, thoughts?


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I need a build project and I came up with an interesting idea. What do you all think of making an onroad savage flux? And what do you think I need to change other than the wheels? Thoughts on shocks? Advice on ride height? I converted my nitro to a flux, then bought a new MT and stole the electronics and ended up converting the flux back to nitro. Everything is still upgraded drive shafts, axle, diffs etc, and I have all the parts to convert it back to flux except for a motor and esc. I stopped using the flux because parts were scarce, but I’ve seen the savage flux and nitro are coming back……… again. So my thoughts are they should have parts again soon. I’d love to hear opinions.


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eudora kansas
I have my savage x set up for track. 2 things I had to do was lower the truck, and lighten the heck out of it and maintain durability. As far as setting up for road and getting great handling out of it, all I did was change out shock shafts. I went with new hpi shafts that were 70mm x 3.5mm, major difference, truck doesn't lean side to side, and won't flip due to body roll. Arrma also has a set of shafts that are around 64mm x 3.5 mm, may be the better choice, really plants truck to road and cheap . I use savage big bore shocks. I kept same stock springs and bodies from original shocks, just changed shafts.

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