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Hi , I have an Savage Flux Hp I wanted to convert to an XL but I can find any of the parts I've look up and down on the web and I'm not sure the V2 XL would work any one has input on this ? would be great .. Also I need a body that will fix this mine in bashed hard and I'm trying to restore it back again any input would be great help Thanks
On the center Diff Gear Box you list 2 which one do I need or is the HP Flux Brushless model one good ? I trying to put this order together Thanks

XL Flux Center Differential Gear Box – Single Speed Metal Gears Transmission Assembled #XL90013​

If you want to convert your truck into an XL, with the longer XL TVPs (, you should use the XL Center Diff #XL90013.
Those and other items for the conversion are all written in the article.
i CAN VERIFY... absolutely nothing works from the version 2 to the HP inside the framerails, and even those don't work on HP parts. the motormount is different, the tranny is different also the servo box and recieverbox. I dunno if even the XL rear shaft will work with the newest Flux XL. I got a set of version2 frameplates i will sell you for what I paid!!!!!
I ended up buying the truck previous to the V2( not that ugly green one) for less that $500 and will just swap the motor/esc and my HP upgrades onto the new one and sell the HP with the V2 motor/ESC.
it will be here tomorrow
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