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Savage 25 advice as she not been started in 10 plus years


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So today my fuel comes back and new glow plug starter to fire it up and was flooding every try.
I looked at air filter felt oil on it, so looks like forgot to clean it. Would you say this would still work or get a new one?

looking it over she looks great, receiver looks outdated and looks like the old servo system could do with a upgrade, what would you guys fit as I’m still running a old school failsafe.

engine wise upgrade maybe what could I put in there stick with 25 or????

Thanks in advance



If it wasn't stored with after run oil the engine is a toast. The bearings will be rusted. Clean the tank out with brake clean and replace the fuel lines. There are alot of engine choices out there. Dynamite is decent for cheap, up the Nova's which are really good for the price. Oh and make sure you get some new fuel if you haven't already.


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That air filter is toast, don't even bother trying to run that lol. Like ez said clean the tank out too. If it is flooding every try the glow plug may not be working any more. Try a new one and make sure it glows red hot before you put it in. If it still flooods after that it may be that one of the needles is way too rich, you can try leaning out one or both.
If you cant get it to go and just want a new engine, these are some good options:

As for servos, any standard size servos will work. Look for one with all metal gears and ball bearings. And of course the more torque the better right lol. They are pretty cheap nowadays. I have had great luck with savox, they make some nice waterproof ones. Hitec would be a good option as well. As for the failsafe the majority of modern 2.4ghz radio systems (Even most of the cheap ones) come with a built in fail safe that you can program pretty easily. Just look at the specs and you should be able to find one pretty quick. Good luck :)