Replacement 86032 diff spider gear


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I have had a savage flux for about 5 years now, while I have t used it great amounts it has been solid as a rock, always ran it on 6s and have had so much fun... Until my last outing.

Long story short I ordered a set of the hot racing hardened diff gear from the USA, come to fit it today and turns out it's the 86032 spider gears inside the diff.

I'm tempted to replace them with stock, but I'm wondering if there is any recommended upgrade parts that will last longer?

it does seem like this may of all been caused to not having enough lube as the screws where lose in the diff case, though hadn't looked like they had come out, but they where rather lightly greased, and from what I have read elsewhere even with just light oil it should be about more packed than it was.

now for the hard part, I need to get a hold of any suggested parts fast, I'm in the UK and needing them in about 12 days time.


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Been running savage's for many years and never really had issues with the internal gears. Just back in the old days when there were only 2 spiders. Then later with 4 spiders, you had to keep watch on the plastic cups getting notches in them. Then alloy cups came out and bp ring/pinion, so now all you have to watch for is the cup side bearing grenading on you and make sure to use locktite on the cup screws and avoid overfilling the diff so the oil doesn't end up getting all over the screws as you put them in.

Anyway, stock should be good enough. ;)