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Remind me


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Ironwood, Michigan
I remember reading about how people would replace the carbs on the lrp engines. I have a lrp .32 in a mid tank savage and man I can see why. I got the low speed needle ALL THE WAY IN and the bottom end is still too rich. Can someone remind me what carb it was that people use for these? Id like to buy one but cant remember what it was. Novarossi something I think?


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If the needle is in that far and still running rich,
It’s definitely too rich on the Hsn too
I had problems with my lrp30 carb
I tried others but made it harder to tune,
I eventually striped my LRP carb and greased all the O-rings on it,
And started to tune from factory settings
I’ve not had to touch the needles in near 2 years since