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Perth, WA
Recent post I saw on this (amazing) forum inspired me to create this! I figured most people on here would likely be into cars too, not just the scaled versions!

As the title suggests, post up your daily driver / weekend warrior cars. Project cars too if you have any!

Below is my daily because as a poor uni student I can't afford more than on car ?

To any Australians or New Zealander's on here you'll know what this is. ;)

My 2010 Ford Falcon FG xr50th turbo in nitro blue. The 50th anniversary of the xr6 (hence xr50th).
From factory, she comes with 270kw (362hp) and 586Nm (393lb.ft). The engine, known as the mighty barra engine, is very well known pushing easily over 400 to even 500kw with stock internals!!

In Australia, these are very commonly known as "the skid pig".

Would love to see what you all have!! Post below!! ??

This is my 2006 Acura RSX auto, it was my first car in hs and I’m still rockin it lol. That falcon is hot though...goals man!


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Yeah it’s a ton of fun even around town! Great commuter car, and timeless styling IMO. ?
I wish we'd gotten Falcon's over here @Biddie_fiddler. Aside from the 60s version that is. I also wish Holden would have sent some stuff this way, other than the monaro that became the GTO here.

I'll join ya with a ford of my own. 2012 GT California Special


Also I keep saying I need to take a picture of my daily driver, but I don't. So here's someone else's of my same car. 2018 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport 400.

this turbo 2000 civic ex was my first car purchase, daily driver and I owned it until a few years ago. I still have the hpi body for it. The Civic was bone stock when I bought it and it's how I learned to do everything under the hood, suspension, interior, detail, etc.



This 2006 rsx type s has been my daily driver since and hopefully I can keep this in top shape. Sadly I don't have any current pictures, but the car is lowered to about 1 finger gap with the same wheels and paint.


Here's my sometimes daily driver/mainly weekend warrior 2005 s2000. I don't have a picture of the current wheels or the low oem-style spoiler on the back, but the current wheels are the same color, just different design.


And within a few years I hope to add one of these:

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by the way, just about every car in Australia is pretty cool! always liked them a lot! Yes would really like to have them in U S!
All these cars are awesome! ?

Sadly the only good things about the aus car market is that we share the JDM market - so we get the awesome japanese cars. Sadly we get american muscle.

I have always loved mustangs but the best we get here is a standard 5L mustang GT.
No forced induction!!! WTF! ?

I'll join ya with a ford of my own. 2012 GT California Special

You're lucky you get special edition mustangs! This one is clean!! ?

Loving the responses to this thread! Keep them coming! I wanna see more cars I wish I owned! ??

Love the finish on it, black cars are always so hard to keep clean! ?

I've had 5 black cars in a row........ At this point I'm beyond nutty with trying to keep my cars clean. It's impossible for more than a day at a time!

Still, when a black car is clean it looks so dang good! So, I'll probably continue running down that path to insanity.
Just a 2012 300C 5.7L and just replaced a 2007 mercury grand marquis with a 2016 Camry for my wife. That was the 4th and last MGM I owned in a row. Usually I buy a car, pay it off, she gets it and I get another, but now with my miles cut to 1/4 they used to be, figured she was well overdue for a car that suited her better. She was terrified to drive the 300 anyway, being how short she is and the aggressiveness of the go button.

The kids:


I had a MGM nearly that color too, was my favorite of the 5 I owned.
being how short she is and the aggressiveness of the go button.
This made me giggle ?

First time I let the Mrs. drive my car I gave her a brief rundown on turbo lag... Never seen a girl do a burnout so quick in my life before the traction control kicked in.
She has been hooked ever since and I now need to carry a spare pair of pants when she drives ?

I actually have dash cam footage of my reaction somewhere on my PC, don't think I ever want to find it and relive this experience again ?

More towards your cars though - my dads dream car is a 300 srt variant - every time he sees a 300c he bubbles up!
They are very nice cars, inside and out!

As for the camry, at least its fuel efficient right? :p
They do have a nice style to them tho I must say

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