plastic circle piece under tank lid doesn't seem to want to hold o ring in place


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hey all, on my savage x 4.6 my original tank o ring stopped working, the orange one under the lid. i went to the local hardware store and bought a pack of assorted o rings and tried the one with the most similar size. the o ring works fine, its probably a tad bigger since i had to push the lid down for a good seal however that plastic circle thing that supposed to hold the o ring keeps popping out so i end up losing pressure midway thru my tank. i tried pushing it in hard. any ideas on what else i can do to keep it seated?

or is it probably that my o ring is too big and its causing that plastic thing to pop off?

i just wish the tank was a threaded tank, would have been way easier



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There was literally same topic few weeks ago.
You seem to have a lot of questions and you seem not to want use forum search. So i would suggest you to make ta topic about your car, where you can ask all your questions in one topic.


We already discussed the same issue in the other thread you started back in Feb:

Clearly you have no experience with Savage nitros, and we are here to try and help, but you keep asking basically the same questions just worded differently and its getting annoying. Just slow down , search first . There is tons of info out there on Savages as they have been around since 2001.

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