Parts availability


Can I still get all the parts I need if I break something on my Savage XL flux? I'm looking at another one to buy so want to make sure all the parts are available if I break something. I've looked around on a few sites lot of the stuff says backorder on it. I don't know if there's a good site that still has everything or not


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I think RPM sells the arms. Have you broken anything to where you need to order?
RPM does sell arms, but you can't run them unless you run an 8 shock setup. I got my flux hp used and it had RPM arms on it, but with 4 big losi shocks on it, that were installed poorly. I replaced the losi shocks with 4 of the composite big bores. Then I spent the first 6 months replacing shock ends every bash session. The arms flex/twist so much on landing that it snaps the shock ends. I've since gone back to all stock arms and haven't had a shock fail on me since. I have broken 3 stock arms, 4 bulkhead/diff cases, 4 front lower hinge pin retainers. Just last weekend, I broke one front arm, but the FLM pin retainer didn't split, so only the arm broke. I hit a fence post at a pretty good clip, runnings 6S now and it got away from me a bit. I had 3 or 4 arms in a drawer and ordered another full set of arms/carriers off ebay to have spares. With the X series, there are right and left arms, they aren't fully interchangeable like they were on the 21-25 savage.

Things I burn through are the center bones and center cups, on both my X and my FluxHP. I busted a rear center bone the last time I ran my X a few weeks ago. I also snap teeth off the BP pinions. I haven't done that on the nitro, but have on the flux. However, I haven't broken a pinion since I installed a super 5SC center diff transmission on it. So that has seemed to help that issue.

I also have broken a few engine mounts and the engine mount plate on my X, also the brake disks. I had the dual pink disk setup on my X and they shredded earlier this year. I was able to replace them with a couple full force rc carbon fiber disks, but I also ordered a spare set of the pink ones just in case. I have 2 drawers full of parts for my savages. Arms, towers, body mounts, diff cases, couple BP diff gear sets, steering parts, shock parts, skids, bumpers, bumper retainers, old plastic spurs that I use the slippers pads out of... etc. carries some of the parts, but mostly for the flux/flux xl. I had to get the nitro motor mount off ebay. I got a full steering rack for my flux from them though as well as the super 5SC center diff transmission (single speed only) for my flux as well as spare shock ends and shock caps... just in case. The flux came with an aftermarket ackerman bar and I couldn't get it shimmed properly, so I just wanted to go back to stock. I don't think most of rc4me's parts are HPI OEM, but rather a knock off. However, the quality seems fine.