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over the counter lub,filter oil and cleaner


Are the substitutes for these things other then what comes in the hobbie shops and online?


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North dakota
purple stuff works good as a cleaner, although i have found it will slightly tarnish finished surfaces of rc parts. so i be sure to rinse well
simple green too, but it leaves an oily film
good old fashioned dawn dish soap also works wonders
as in any cleaning projects at my house. 175psi air works wonders for cleaning and drying

I have a few cans of KN filter oil and i have always been going to try that, but never have. I am un-aware of any other alternatives to RC foam filter oil

I use Mobile1 20/50 and synthetic grease for most of my lube needs and seems to work well, also maybe a drop or two of sewing machine oil here and there.

I never tried any variants of regular oil in my shocks. guess i never really thought to
but now that you mention it....I will look into options the next trip to Napa i make. I am sure there has to be a detergentless oil that would work
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eudora kansas
yes , I found simple green does great , because it wont mess up the aluminum , a lot of people use W D 40 as a after run oil, it works great with no varnish from storage.. as for air filter oil, I wont stray from nitro filter oil, it as very thin and sticky, designed for air filters, but haven't tried k & n filter oil either. I run 50,000 diff oil and thick sticky bearing grease on the pinion gears