Not sure what set up to use for Big Joe tires

London idiot

Not sure what set up to use for Big Joe tires bought them so my grandsons don't roll over every time they turn


Hey guys!!!! 40 year old noob here! I haven't had an RC since I was about 12 or 13....
I biught The last Savage x4.6 RTR in North America and she now lives in Canada.. at least till they restock in mid July. But I'm suspecting a new look for them since it's be a few years since a revamp....
Anyways love these forums, I'm still unsure about alot of things but you guys make me feel I have been here for awhile...
You all want the best set up for your rides and I'm no diffrent...I got her a week ago but I have yet to break her in....I know,I know why not? It's cause fuel is hard to get in Canada unless you take a 6-8 hour trip. I got some on the way but the wait is 5 week....sad but at least it's coming and just got to find a faster source and order more frequently or larger yeah!!!

As for my take on the tires the weight is the key but nobody ever post the weight. If 2 diffrent tire uses the same mass of rubber and rim to get a bigger diameter will achieve the most improvement to speed from a set of tires you may loose some traction due to most likely narrowing the tread width or having a thinner rubber thickness but the tires run cooler and cover more ground...
So I'm very interested in the big Joe's definitely bigger diameter..but reading through old post the gt2 tires are the quickest out of all the hpi selection....
But I'd say you dropping to a 49 and maybe 18 or want to get a Lil more torque while trying not to loose top end...but the bigger diameter will help to even the gap from dropping the spur and raising the clutch drive 18 or 19. It's easier for the engine to rotate the wheels using a little bit bigger gears like riding a bike the crank is the clutch bell and the sprockets are the spurs the bigger spur with the smaller crank turns the wheels the easiest while sacrificing speed..but I'm sure between the wide array of cb and spur options this can be achieved with out to much sacrifice in speed..I'm messing with the new rpm calculator and gearing app which let's you input you set up and tells you the top speed of that set up....this will help us the most but weight of tires as well so it will be more's all math and physics.....
I'm am forsure gonna get an lrp ZR.28 spec 4, maybe the .30 spec 4 for my SX4.6 and I'm gonna build an xl and put the .32 spec 4 in it...then I would be able to put any 1/8 tire on and still whip it!!
I was also think of trying the 1/5 on road tires on the 1970 boss mustang the rear tires 170 by 90 and I belive it's a 4 inch wheel but again the weight of the tire needs to be determined..

Sorry for the story bud....but I need fuel!!!!