**Needed** Savage XL Flux Diff UK


Hey everyone,

I am new to this forum so sorry if it’s posted in the wrong location!

I have shredded my Diff gears on my HPI Savage XL Flux and want to upgrade to the machined metal one to save this happening again but I can’t seem to find any UK based.

Does anyone on here have a pair or even just 1 set I could buy new or used or point me in the direction of anywhere that has them in stock?

I ordered 2 sets from Wheelspin Models to upgrade front and rear and they said on their website and confirmed via email they would have them in stock on Monday 11th May but emailed me yesterday saying they didn’t get them and could be a month or two longer which I really don’t want to wait for as the only thing keeping me sane during lockdown was using my Savage! Also ordering from outside the Uk I feel could take a while during this pandemic however I would settle for a fast EU post if it gets me back out and bashing!

Thank you all in advance!


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