Need help identifying these control arms

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Hey everyone, Happened upon these on ebay and was able to snag them, but I've had some trouble getting any information on them.

They are plastic, molded similarly to the HB D819 arms, where the bottom is closed, center has webbing, and on top there is a recess for either plastic or carbon inserts to be screwed in. When the inserts are in the entire arm is enclosed..

Does anyone know what these are or seen these before? I race my savage once or twice a year, and find these to be a better alternative to the RPM arms I have been running, if nothing else for the simple fact that they have the notch for the sway bar attachment and don't require modification. They are very stiff with the carbon insert, and about the same stiffness/flex as the stock newer generation arms with the plastic inserts in.

Screenshot 2024-05-06 110233.png

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