My bash from 2019/06/08, Savage Flux 6S and Stampede 4x4 3S


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Only had a couple hours, so couldn't make the trek to the bmx track. Also, the park I wanted to run at was packed with people, so I ended up running at my local skatepark as noone was there yet and a place that was severely overgrown with weeds. Still had fun. Only partially broke an arm on the savage when I hit a pole at a pretty good clip.

Also overheated the savage at the tall weed place. It would probably be ok, but I geared it down from 47/17 to 47/16, but the gear mesh is a hair looser than I'd prefer. I'm not finding a 49T spur that's reasonable cost, so will have to live with it as it is, or try and grind the slots in the chassis 1/2 a mm just to get a bit better mesh. Will see how it does.

The stampede overheated as well at the skatepark with the HW max10 sct/3660 3200kv motor. Was kind of surprised by that. I believe I have it geared at 13/52. Ordered a 12T pinion to help it out. May try getting a hobbystar 3665 motor, hoping it has more torque. Will see how the 12T helps first.

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