Mtxl to baja 5sc


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As a few of you know I sold my savage a while ago and purchased a losi mtxl. Well I upgraded the hell out of it and wanted to try out a baja. Well an awesome deal came along and I couldn't pass it up. The guy was just looking for a roller mtxl, and Had a highly upgraded hpi baja 5sc for sale with 2 bodies, and an ass load of extra parts. So we made a trade. I'll likely put my obr 34cc full mod in it, in place of the g290. But we will see . Anyone have some ideas to toss around for parts or what I should do?

First 2 pics is of my losi that I built, rest of the pics are of the baja just a couple parts it already has. It also came with brand new vekta tires and wheels along with 3 full sets of wheels and tires. Also came with a bag full of stock/ aftermarket parts

Anyways on to pics:

20180311_192243.jpg received_221541715103474.jpeg received_221542081770104.jpeg received_221540718436907.jpeg received_221575628433416.jpeg received_221575991766713.jpeg received_221618381762474.jpeg received_221619421762370.jpeg received_221546538436325.jpeg
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