LRP.32 pressure spring question


Hey guys I'm new to the nitro scene and I have a hpi savage 25 with a brand new lrp.32 engine, I ordered the one with the pull start and they sent me the bump start version, so I had to buy the pull start/ OWB and backing plate separately, when I opened up the package to the pull start it came with the pressure spring, my question is would the bump start version they sent me would of had the pressure spring installed or do I need to take it apart and install it because I tried to get the starter pin out and it would not budge, any help would be appreciated thanks guys


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The spring goes between starter shaft with the hex end on it and the starter housing. I think it's to help keep the shaft fully pressed against the backplate. You can see the spring in the diagram @lokky posted, the black "line" between the spool and clock spring. The "pin" on the crank is machined to the crank, or is part of the crank. It's not removable like the HPI ones were.

Most, if not every, pull starter I've had that had an internal OWB like that had a spring between the end of the shaft and the housing.

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