is there supposed to be gear noise/noise when rolling nitro rc backwards?


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hi on my savage x 4.6 i was setting gear mesh today and seems like the robinson 48t and the hpi hardened 14 clutch bell mesh fine.

i wanted to ask however, i got the mesh as what i feel like is perfect (when i have the clutch bell stopped, the spur gear only moves like half a mm in, and when i let go and spin it fast, it doesnt seem like theres any binding. so i think I'm good on that part.

however i am not sure if i have noticed this in the past but when i roll the truck forwards, it sounds normal, but when i roll it backwards, there seems to be a bit more gear noise. is this normal? i don't really know where its coming from, maybe its normal since the truck isnt really supposed to move backwards?



the car needs to roll freely whenever the engine clutch is not engaged e.g. low RPM.
but when it goes backwards all the gearbox gears are engaged, making the spur and the clutch bell rotate backwards which is the extra noise you experience. don't worry, this is normal.

put the car on something small so the wheels don't touch the ground but can spin freely.
turn the spur gear with your finger in both directions and see what happens to the wheels.
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