In need of a HPi Savage XL mid range needle

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My father passed away, and I was going through some of the stuff that he left me and it was an HPI savage Excel that we used to play with when I was a kid. I found out that the mid range speed needle was completely gone. It is not even existent. The part number is HPI 15282 and I’m looking on the Internet trying to find and I can’t find it if anyone could help me that would be great
Swap carburetors with an upgraded one! Would be best bet, I have two old schools and never adjust mid range needles newer ones won't have the extra to worry about and prolly same price as a needle if you do find one! Hope it helps!
The carb you are referring to is no longer made, nor are the parts for it. You may find someone listing one on eBay secondhand but chances are slim. I have 5 of the K-series mill from HPI which use the 3 needle carbs. 3 K 5.9s & two K4.6HO. I did try a carb from a F5.9 but the neck of the K-series carbs is 1mm larger in diameter then the Force( HPI F5.9) mill.
The carb from an Axial 5.9 will fit as they are the same mill, again discontinued.

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