HPI Vorza/D8 Tekno conversion


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Long time since I've been on the forum. So I figured I'd give a little update on the Vorza. Well now it's pretty much a Hotbodies eD8 now. Did a Tenko V4 chassis conversion about a month ago and have been racing it a lot. So I know we all love pictures Figured I'd have to post some up of it. The Tekno V4 chassis takes off about 4-6oz of the weight, moves the center diff more towards the rear diff and puts the center drive shafts in a straight line compared to the original angled. Also allows for a mechanical brake add on which is on the list next for mods. Currently waiting on the Trakion drive E-clutch to get here with a 15t clutch bell and 112mm rear shocks and tower to help with the bottoming out in the rear. Gotta say I love this car!


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