Hpi savage extention conversion

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This might have been discussed in the past a few times but i want to resurect my old Savage it started its life as a savage X then got converted to a flux but now i wpuöd like to extend the wheel base a bit to make it a 1/5th scale.
I was looking foe the parts all over the place and talked to a a few people that sold the parts in the past but none ove them had the parts still or are even in the marked anymore.
I found one store but the support told me even tho its called the 5B model its still onöy the XL size not the 1/5 scale that i am looking for he they told me that they did sell them a few years back but don't anymore.
So now to my question does anyone still have a set for the conversion and is willing to sell them or if peovided would cnc the parts s8nce i found them on Thingiverse in the right size probably (cant be really sure since there is no disciption but i am willing to bet on the pictures)?
Or are ther other options to extent the wheel base to 1/5th scale ?

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