hpi savage 4.6 electric conversion

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I am converting my hpi savage 4.6 to electric. I bought a castle creations 1717 motor for it i am having trouble finding a motor mount that isn't junk and fits with little to no modification. Does anybody have any recomendations?
The Alza Racing center diff kit is an option, but you need to drill some holes and make some mods.
Also, if you're throwing a 1717 1650kv motor on a 4.6 you need to at least have machined bulletproof diffs and a center diff; otherwise, the drivetrain won't take that amount of power.
Here you have a build I did with a 1717, you can have a look and take some ideas from it: https://www.hpisavageforum.com/threads/new-savage-flux-xl-build.20532/#post-224531

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