hpi nitro 3.5 monster truck


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hi there looking for advice pretty new to nitro trucks got a 3.5 nitro savage monster truck with purple head when I bought tuck its got r 5 glow plug its burnt out wondering if that's the best one to get for truck before I order nitro is 20% thanks

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I use the McCoy MC8 in all my bigblock nitro trucks.... the designation is just there to identify the plug type, The R5 is a racing plug that is medium heat range and is designed to survive in race conditions so if you have spares of those they should be fine for general use also....



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I like the odonnel purple. It's a medium temp plug and seems to work well with big blocks. Although, all I run is 25% byrons gen2 fuel, so you may want to go with a hot plug on 20%. I'd still try a medium plug though.

Plug temp changes when ignition happens in the stroke. Too hot of a plug and the fuel/air ignite too early in the upstroke and causes the engine to basically fight itself. Too cool of a plug and it fires too late while the piston is at top dead center or later, which causes you to actually lose power.

I ran hot plugs for years until I switch to 25% fuel. I would imagine it would still work well with a medium plug and 20% fuel.