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Hpi G3.0 engine comp question


I 've been trying to get start on my bullet st with G3. 0 engine
I did notice some low comp when turning the engine so i did take off the bakplate and cleaned and checked O-ring, and cleaned and checked carburetor. There was no obvious wear in sleeve and piston that i could se but i'm not so good with this.
The point is there is still no sign of life in this engine when trying to start
I noticed when the carburetor was out the chamber inside under carb was still full of gas and so little inside sylinder. I can't flood it when trying and No gas coming out of exhaust.

Is this a sign for bad comp or am i lost here?
I am sorry for my bad english :)



Start by check your lines. When holding a finger over the muffler exhaust and turning the engine you should see fuel going to the carb. In the past I had glow plug igniter problems. Pull the glow plug and attach it to the plug. If you don't get a bright red glow it would be the igniter. I would start with that.