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Gearing and LiPo combos....


just got the new XS VGJR edition, run it on 2s and standard gearing and can hit 35mph (GPS) on grass.

I have the 60T and 24T that HPI recommend to run 3s off road, (would this be faster than standard gearing on 2s?) I still need to buy a 3s LiPo otherwise would test myself but have spent funds on a savox servo, HD cups and wheelie bar.

Question is anyone geared up to 32 or 34 on the pinion on 2s and tested speeds and temps?
New Hampshire
Sorry for the late reply, but just this weekend I swapped out my 56T idler gear for the larger 60T. I left the 28T pinion in for now... I'd ordered a hardened set of pinions (24, 26, 28, 30) but after ordering I read a post about hardened gears shredding non-hardened gears so didn't want to risk it. Although it was a slight change to final gearing ratio, it seemed to make a big difference running on grass.

I tried to run it with 3S at this gearing. Even with ESC punch set a few notches lower than standard it still wants to backflip on 3S. After a few 3S speed runs the motor was getting hot, though the ESC fan runs 50% faster with a 3S battery so that seemed ok (albeit loud). Unfortunately, I just couldn't keep it straight enough to get a good trajectory for the speed gun. I've installed the recommended Traxxas servo but it didn't make a noticeable steering improvement. There is so much slop in the front, I'm going to install shims around pins to remove some of the play between the plastic parts.