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So I recently fixed the stripped clutch bell in my Savage XL and while I was doing a little bit of cleaning, some water has entered the gas tank. It wasnt a lot just enough to leave some droplets and a tiny pool in one corner if you tip the tank, I was able to get most of it out except for these small droplets. Is it safe to add fuel to the tank and run the truck?

Also, how long can nitrous fuel be good for? I have a smaller bottle of Backyard Basher I bought a year ago thats about half full and I have a jug of Blue Thunder that is at least 4 years old. Does nitrous fuel have a "life span" or can I just dump it into the truck and burn it?

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You can store fuel safely for a couple of years as long as it is in a COOL Dry place and not sat on a concrete floor, Nitro fuel is Hygroscopic and will actually pull moisture right thru a container so storage is subjective to say the least....

You can tell by smell if it has evaporated the alcohol in it and is unusable in most cases... if in doubt I would say to get rid of it and start with known good fuel.....


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If you have the space to store it, old fuel is good for cleaning air filters and whatnot.

As for the water in the tank, I'd do what @SavageDarwin suggests, then not worry much about it. Water mixes in with methanol, so it's not like water and gas. With pump gas, water will clog filters that gas needs to run through.

I think it's the methanol in the fuel that makes it absorb water. That's why when you store it, you want to squeeze as much air out of the bottle as you can without deforming the cap so it seals. It pulls the moisture out of the air.