Factory reset for Futaba Magnum T3PK??


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Hey everyone

So I charged the LiPo inside my Futaba T3PK radio yesterday and now it seems l may have F*d up big time after putting the plug back incorrectly and having the +/- reversed. Now it’s acting up, like the power doesn’t turn on normally, after flicking the power on I now need to also turn the display switch on before getting anything on screen. It’s also having issues connecting to 2 of my Rx’s, still need to check my other vehicles and see if all my memorized rxs are affected.

I wouldn’t mind just starting all over and clearing out all my models in the memory. Anyone know if this radio has a factory/hard reset option?

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Well I scanned the manual and did not see anything that popped out saying factory reset button, guess you could call futaba directly and ask them......