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Hi guys,
I just want to show our experience with this pandemia.
I live in Spain and will be confined in home for at least 15 days, most likely for a month.
Schools and universities are closed.
Only essential shops (food, medicine, tabac, etc) are open.

The reason for this is that the virus is very contagious and the number of ill people is collapsing the sanitary system. It can reach the point when doctors have to decide who to attend and who to leave aside.
Do not wait for politicians to make decisions. They are always late because they are concerned about the economic consequences.

Things you must know:
  • Stay at home as much as possible.
  • If you go shopping try to buy everything at once and from a single store.
  • Avoid crowded places. Keep 1.5m distance from other people.
  • Wash your hands every time you get back home.
  • Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Children do not show evidences of being infected. They may be the main vector of transmission. When in contact with their grandparents the main vector will be in contact with the most sensitive population.
  • It is likely that schools and universities will be closed.
  • Avoid children and teenagers from playing and meeting with others.
  • Get ready for spending time at home (this includes our hobby).
  • There is no lack of food or any other product.
Talk to your children and teenagers and tell them what is coming. Young people are not concerned because the virus is not affecting them too bad. Although severe cases are mostly among the old people, when hospitals are collapsed also young people will not be attended if the suffer any illness or injury.

Only us can prevent the fast expansion of the virus.

Learn from the experiences of other countries which are coping with it now.
Please start taking action!!
Best regards from Spain.


Hope you are well ,I think the politicians in the uk will leave to late:mad: we have to think of the older people and very 1


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The main issue around here is the hoarding of everyday items causing them to not be in stock.

It's impacting my job quite badly as I work for a trade show registration company and this is coming at our busiest time of the year. Shows are getting cancelled and we make a lot of our revenue at the shows with business lead data. We basically break even on the registration websites and whatnot, then make our money at and after the show. So the shows that are cancelling are putting a real hurt on us as we already put in the money for the web sites, then lost the revenue for the actual show. :( I think we do 120 or so a year and so far, some have cancelled while others have postponed.

The only good thing is I'm able to do work from home most of the time.

My wife however, works in a dr's office... neurologist. 70% of their clients are older people.


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Here visits are not allowed anymore in nursery homes. The virus got into two of them with very bad consequences.

One week ago we had normal lives and followed what was happening in China but never thought it could reach us so badly, now we cannot go out of our homes. The problem is that once it starts, its has an exponential type of rising rate. One day there are 2000 infected and the next day its 3000. Just not enough beds and doctors.

I wish that I was wrong but his thing will reach every country sooner or later.

Those who can still walk around freely, start being cautious. Avoid crowded places and wash your hands every time you get back home. Its an easy thing to do.

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