Could use some help


Married a narcisist.. didnt know.. poop went sideways.. long story short..

I have a savage 4.6 sitting in my closet. That was not put away properly. Was played with then forgotten. And has been sitting for 14months or so.

Now i don't have any tools left nothin really sept the truck and remote.roto..

I know a servo is gone on it. And the tires are done.

Keeping in mind its my first nitro and i never really got a chance to get into it before some crazy poop.

I live in canada

So what is the first thing i should do. Id like to make sure the engine is still ok.

Money trickles in so buying stuff over time is fine.


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Well, stuff that doesn't cost much, you could take the engine apart, clean it's insides and outsides really with with DA (denatured alcohol) that you can get at most hardware stores in the paint aisle for a few $ a quart. Use an old toothbrush for scrubbing. Get some after run oil (ARO), or marvel mystery oil to lube it back up and put it back together. Also soak the one way bearing in DA, then take a piece of paper towel, twist it so it fits through the center of the bearing, soak a spot of the towel with DA, then run it through the bearing and spin it in both directions to loosen up any crud/oil in there. Put a few drops of ARO in it when done.

Some say it's not necessary, but since you have the engine apart, would be a good idea to seal it up with RTV when putting it back together.

Also wouldn't hurt to screw the needles in until they bottom out, while counting the rotations so you can put them back. Then remove the needles, use q-tips and DA to clean out the holes. Get some associated green slime for the o-rings and put them back together.

Then your engine is ready for a few $ when you have funds to replace the servo. Once it's cleaned and well lubed, it can sit on a shelf for a long while.

After run oil:

I've had he same bottle for a decade. I only use it for storing, when cleaning engines and a few drops in the carb and glow plug hole after running. You don't use much over time.


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If you're feeling up to it, you could disassemble both diff housings and the tranny to check what the bearings are like, replace if necessary. If they don't need replacing then oh well, at least you cleaned the diff and tranny :ROFLMAO:

I get my bearings from Plaig bearings. Its an Aus based site but they ship worldwide. Or just go ebay, that works too!

You could replace the shock oil too!

Basically you'll either be spending time or money on it, or both! I recommend taking your time with it tho, savages are tough but they do still need some tlc once and a while.