It has been a very long time,
I bought my truck in 2007 and loved it,
Now it is 2020 I have a 5 year old kid and she wants me to rebuild it so we can take it to the park.
I have the Savage X 4.6 Nitro I think it has a 2 speed Trans, and I want to convert it to Flux.

Can somebody list links or part numbers, so I can buy the parts. (Motor mount, Battery boxes, Trans, spur gear, pinion gear.)
I did try to search the info, but some companies are not in business anymore.
What do I do about the Transmission, if I leave it will it work? (Or How long will it work for?)

Should I try to source a Flux Trans, rebuild mine if there is a parts kit or is there a direct drive conversion Kit?
Looking to do a 4076 2200KV motor on 4sLipo, Should be enough power right?

Motor Mount?
Upgrade Spur Gear to Metal 44t? or different what pinion Gear,
Battery boxes,

I already have a motor and Speed control in mind.

Thank you for your help,


Ok, so i did a little more research, and found a video on youtube,

I can just POP part number HPI gear 100905 in the trans to make it 1 speed Flux,
I found OE HPI part new from ebay.
Ebay also has Hardened ones, not sure if they are junk or not.
Should I just go with the Oe part from HPI or Ebay part.

Just need a motor Mount option, now.

Thank you

Chris D

I just converted my S25 to electric I used the RC4Me conversion. I had an in the bag X conversion kit and replaced all the control arms while I was at it. RC4ME site has the conversion listed for 190 bucks. It has the transmission with center diff , battery boxes and more check them out.

I’m running mine with 4S and about to try 6S just for kicks and top speed runs


I've converted over a dozen trucks and have used many different versions to convert.

It all depends on what you want the outcome to be.
If you are looking for a complete conversion you will need to get chassis plates with the battery trays.
motor mount and esc plate, not all motors will fit the stock setup.
When going brushless you will need to upgrade the differentials as well.
Here are a few items I found on ebay:

Motor Plate

Rear C-Hub

Flux Diff

Battery Tray

Flux TVP Plates

If you want to go with the XL Flux which I would recommend you can get these but will need a new tranny:

XL TVP Plates

Motor mount for Flux XL

I just order two of these to try out and I am really liking them a lot better than what is out there but expensive.

Alza Transmission

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