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Hi, I brought the savage x gt-6 for my first nitro truck (mad I know)

After running the engine in it kept over heating and the exhaust kept melting, after sending it back to the supplier they found a crack some where and sorted the problem.

Iv ran the car with a good few tanks of fuel now and seems to be running really well however I have had to replace the spur gear twice. it just seems to shred the teeth after a few runs.
The car wasn’t changing gear either but the supplier just advised me not to worry to much about this it might of been a case of me not noticing the gear change.

However after I took the truck out today It seemed to be running smooth then i noticed it changed gear a few times then just stopped driving. I soon realised it was a clutch problem and after taking the clutch bell off I realised the clutch shoes were completely shredded and just wanted some advise as to why this would happen was going to just by upgraded shoes but thought there must be an issue for this to happen.

Iv attached a picture because that’s all that was left when I took the clutch bell off


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Anytime you take the clutch off always replace the bearings. I like JT heavy duty clutch bearings. Since you are also having spur gear problems it seems like the bearings is where to start, and make sure you get the mesh right.
And always use the spring for the type of shoe you use. If you use 1.0 with teflon shoes it will wipe them out really fast.
I have never seen shoes worn like yours!


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Wow, Never seen a set of clutch shoes worn that bad, top marks for destruction. I use ally shoes with 0.9mm springs. I have 7 Savages and only had to change 1 set of shoes so far, they still had life in them but were pretty low on meat. As for the Exhaust melt down I have suffered with this as well. Had 3 pipes melt, the new composite pipes like the one on your truck are made from an inferior material compared to the older pipes. The older pipes aren't shiny like the new ones and have a moulding injection circle just above the outlet. HPI fit ally pipes to their XL truck as they know it can't take the heat these bigger mills produce. Change to an ally pipe they are far better.

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