Change brakes on Savage x 4,6


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My brake pads need to be change on my Savage x 4,6.
Someone who has som Pictures of the prosess?
What is the easy way to change brake pads?



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The only real way is to remove the entire rear end and the engine plate as the disks won't come off without hitting the engine plate and you can't get the dog bone out without removing the rear end. It's like 12-16 screws, a bit of prying and swearing.

You may also have to remove the fuel tank, been a while since I had a stock tank on and I can't recall what/if it gets in the way of stuff.

There are two bolts on the upper sides of the TVP's holding the top of the rear bulkhead.
2 bolts on each side holding the motor plate to the TVP's.
2 screws from underneath holding the front ears of the motor plate to the transmission case (don't forget these).
1 screw on the lower part holding a little cross brace that the rear skid screws to.
Fuel line from the engine.
Front pipe mount screw.
Throttle slide ball end on the carb.

Remove the above screws, then pry the rear of the TVP's apart a bit and the rear bulk/tower assembly should come off as one piece. And if it hasn't fallen out yet, you can remove the entire motor plate/assembly. On the rear bulkheads below (or above, can't recall) the main upper screws, there are steel locator pins that help hold the bulk on. The TVP has to be pried apart a bit so those pins detach from the TVP.