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Cap packs


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Probably depends on what your doing and what your setup is.

For me, I noticed my MMX/2200kv in my flux had a lot of voltage ripple, nearly 4V if I remember right. I had sent my graph/data to castle to ask them about something else and they added in their response that I should look into that as it's hard on the esc when ripple is more than 1V. Either replace connectors, get new batteries, etc. So, I tried a making a cap pack out of 6 1800uf caps in parallel. My ripple dropped to < 1v.

I recently blew the caps in my MXL-6S (MMv2) in my revo. Lasted for nearly 3 years on 4S, but a month on 6S (converted to a 2.0 revo using a roller) and the esc died. I still had the old HPI F360 (mamba monster v1) from my flux, I had conformal coated the board and kept it for a backup. When I installed it, I made a cap pack for that too.

Guessing 6S with 2200kv is asking too much of the MMX/MMv1/MMv2.