Been a while, but I have been bitten by the RC bug AGAIN.


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Hey guys,

I bought this truck (Savage XS) around 6 years ago, and smoked the VAPOR ESC on the first run out of the box. My daughter was born and it was shelved until the other day.

I upgraded to a 11.1 Venom battery, super brain charger, Mamba max PRO ESC, Robinson steel pinion and idler gears, deans plug, new rims/tires, a wheelie bar, and a dual fan heat sink all upgraded for 3S LiPo.

Here is a few pictures. It is great to be back in the hobby.

As a side note, my daughter is 6 years old and we are currently building a Tamyia frog together, and yes she is painting it pink. (She picked it out herself.)
We are pretty much building it stock except we swapped out all the bushings for ball bearings so far.
It is her first hobby and she is stoked!
I forgot how much I hated the gearbox on that thing!

I also still have my Savage X SS, a Savage 25 (budget mid tank mod, bullit proof diffs, 3 speed tranny, 4.6 HO Hellfire Engine with a Nova billet head, steal drive cups ect.), a Traxxas sport, and a few RC 10s.

Anyway just wanted to say hey...



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WELCOME to :hpisf:

Good to see you back enjoying R/C with your daughter, perfect first ride for her also.... seems all the girls do the pink :D

Post up pics of your savages also, we all love seeing others rides


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Good sheet buddy expands there brain getting hands with the tools, my boy has been working on rcs and helping on my car since he was 2 now 4, teaches them heaps


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Welcome back @Underfall! Feel free to post up a build thread for the Frog if you want. We love seeing projects!


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Here is my daughters first RC.
We built it together and I couldn't be more proud of her.
We upgraded to a redcat 550 motor, it is pretty much stock otherwise.
She is so stoked to be a part of the action.