Bash from 2019/07/27 - Savage Flux HP on 6S with a cap pack at the grass BMX track


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Dekalb, IL 60115
Only did one set of packs with the savage flux. I wanted to just run it hard after changing to 16/48 gearing and building/installing the cap pack to see how the voltage ripple looked in the log after beating on it at the bmx track. I had 3.4V, now the max was .98v. However, the esc still ran hot. It didn't shut down on me though. I took the MMX fan off and hard wired a hobbystar 30mm alloy case fan then bolted it onto the heat sink with double tape and a ziptie. It was too big to fit in the housing. It pushes way more air than the stock MMX fan and it's on all the time vs just when the esc gets hot.

It was about 85F out, in the graph the esc starts at 90F and by 4 minutes in was at 167F and eventually shows 181F then floated around that for the majority of the run. The motor got to 154F.

I don't think I can gear it down without just getting a bigger spur as the motor won't really move anymore than a hair further with 16/48 in it. Guess I'll see how it does over time.