after run oil alternative that i might have at home?


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Hey all I’m looking for after run oil alternatives. My fuel apparently contains after run oil but I believe it’s only for short term usage. I’m running sidewinder. I want a after run oil for a longer storage. I checked at my local hobby but they don’t have any after run oil. I heard of marvel mystery oil and wd40 but I heard soemthing about one or both of them ruining seals or soemthing like that. I also don't really want to buy a bottle of marvel if I can use soemthing that I alreayd have around my house (I’m lazy).

So what would you guys recommend or anything I might have laying around the garage? I’m thinking about atleast 1-2 year of storage time

any idea if this will work i have it laying around
Bell-Gossett Lubricant-Oil for pumps and motors

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To be honest I've stopped using after run oil and not had any issues. I don't see that it makes any significant difference.

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