a little update of my savy with pics

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well. Last year i bought this thing brand new and man was i exited to get my first nitro. Well broke it in in the winter time, tore a spur gear apart, bought a new plastic one, i have gone through some problems, then i stored it away and here has come summer and i have taken it out. I have gone through 1 and a half gallon Long story short, i have bashed it, and its no where near close to new anymore :iamfrddyj: . Now onto the pictures

from far away she looks normal lol


a little road rash close up


A more severe road rash on the left side, from drifting on pavement lmao


some scratches on the head, a dent into the body, cracked body here and there. And who the heck needs 4 body pins holding the body down? I only need two since the others have taken their way


The savage tore the teeth on the second spur gear i bought, so i adjusted the motor to mesh more closer, and i keep going with a tore spur gear lol


Yep, i keep her running a tad rich


And today the Savy has had her first victim which was a bird. IDK how i hit it, but it flew away, and the savy kept a feather lol

Well id say you've about got the gear mesh figured out.

Savage looks good.
haha. Karma is B**** . After the bird got hit, the savage took a spruce tree full on. Thank goodness the branches saved it from tearing it up, since they acted like a pillow

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