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    I think I need a new spur gear

    Ditto. Same spur and CB for years without issue. Setup the mesh properly and don't land jumps on the throttle and it shouldn't be an issue.
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    Had anyone got any parts for a HPI Savage 21, or the hot bodies engine

    If you want to stick with HPI stuff, HERE'S a link to several.
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    Had anyone got any parts for a HPI Savage 21, or the hot bodies engine

    You're going to have a hard time finding that. However, any standard sized Savage shell will fit and there are alot of those out there.
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    Hpi Savage Picture Thread (post pics here)

    The engine is not stock, looks like a hot bodies engine. Neither is the filter. Assuming that other components are stock though (like the exhaust, shocks, TVPs and radio box), that is a Savage 21 RTR.
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    doubt buying xl 5.9 vs octane

    The Savage XL has a more reliable reputation. Do some looking around, including multiple threads on this site, the Octane has some serious short-comings. Not to say if you get an Octane that it will definitely have issues, but it seems more likely.
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome @Savagebeast93! To be honest, even if the tune isn't necessarily your issue (and it very well could be), I would still re-tune it from factory settings. Probably replace the glow plug and fuel lines as well because your don't know how new they are. Not sure how much that roll...
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    Anyone have success using Robinson Racing Hardened Clutch Bells?

    Been running Robinson racing spur and clutch bells for over a decade without issue. Perhaps this is a recent quality issue? I don't think I've read of other complaints.
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    Flux xl conversion dreaded spur issue ;)
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    Flux xl conversion dreaded spur issue

    Can you elaborate on what else your conversion consists of? Are you using all stock Flux XL parts? Or some aftermarket? From what I can see, the stock Flux XL uses a 16T pinion and a 43T spur. I'm guessing your gears are simply too large for the application, stock.
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    HPI Savage X kit?

    Or the Losi 8ight.
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    HPI Savage X kit?

    If you have money to burn, Tekno still makes Nitro kits. Great kits, but they cost alot and you'll need to supply your own electronics and engine.
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    HPI Savage X kit?

    It's certainly possible. You could always try contacting HPI or Ripmax (company that bought HPI), see if anyone will give you a solid answer.
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    HPI Savage X kit?

    Actually, I take that back. I haven't looked through that in quite some time. The sad part is that I think the only RC on that preview that hasn't been released (it took them quite a while to get most of those out) is the one you want, the new Savage X SS.
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    HPI Savage X kit?

    I think what you were looking for was this: Sadly that, along with most of what was previewed at the Nurnberg toy fair that year was never released. HPI went through bankruptcy and then was bought.
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    HPI Savage X kit?

    To my knowledge, there hasn't been a Savage kit (aside from the Savage XS SS kit, but that's the mini savage) since the Savage X SS. It has been discontinued for quite some time. Kits are becoming rarer and rarer and almost nothing is available in kit form.
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    Savage steering problem

    HPI has most manuals on their website.
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    Savage steering problem

    Have you made sure the adjustment nut on the steering bell crank is tightened? Stock adjustment is shown lower right of the picture below. I personally would go tighter.
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    Removing reverse from transmission Go through the manual for the reverse module. It gives all the original part numbers for the components that were removed in order to fit the reverse module.
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    Throttle linkage and LRP ZR.32 idle problems

    Start by tuning your Idle needle so there is about 1mm gap when looking down your carb. After a little break in you can then adjust accordingly while doing the rest of your needle tuning.
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    Having trouble setting the carb

    Perhaps you have an air leak. You can pull your fuel tank and fuel lines out and stick them under water, then blow through them. If you see air bubbles, you've got a leak. You can also try sealing your engine, THIS thread will instruct you for that.