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  1. Blazer X

    For Sale Savage XL body for sale or trade

    I have a brand new fox body for the Savage XL/Traxxas slash. I'm looking to sell or trade for another body. I already have a short course body so just looking for a change. Show me what you got.
  2. Blazer X

    Help! This just cant be right!

    I just threw a tiger drive and ball tip away...
  3. Blazer X

    Savage X new engine

    Just look up break in procedures on forum. I always preheated with a blow dryer to ease initial startups. Just run fat and should be ok. I always seal the engine also to prevent poor tuning and lean conditions.
  4. Blazer X

    Savage XL K5.9 Tuning help

    and seal everything!
  5. Blazer X

    Drones anyone?

    I have been looking into the Dji brand. Maybe buy a nice used one to get me feet wet? I will most likely city flying and maybe some deer scouting with it.
  6. Blazer X

    For Sale Parts lot

    Sold. Please remove. Thanks
  7. Blazer X

    Drones anyone?

    Looking into a medium size drone under 500? Anyone out there got suggestions?
  8. Blazer X

    Traxxas X-Maxx : Unleash the Beast

    I think he thinks that truck is a drone. Nice bashing.
  9. Blazer X

    For Sale Parts lot

    4 new gear boxes 2 bodies Radio box and servo saver steering Chargers Axles hubs Engine plate Glow plugs Skid plates Fuel filters and bottles Misc parts 85 obo 10 shipping
  10. Blazer X

    WTB Street tires

    so are these on backorder?
  11. Blazer X

    WTB Street tires

    Street tires and wheels for savage flux 17mm hubs
  12. Blazer X

    Good candidate for flux conversion?

    No I don't and the project is adding up. I think I'm gonna punt this project to side. This is one of the trucks I raced at the dungeon many years ago. It's an awesome platform but I can buy a nice used flux for less than a conversion.
  13. Blazer X

    Inside the CEN Diff`s

    I'm still alive 🆒
  14. Blazer X

    Good candidate for flux conversion?

    Ive had the truck for years and thought about just selling it. It has the fastlane chassis and midtank conversion done. Also with cen differentials. Any input would be great.
  15. Blazer X

    modding o.s. vg 30 es

    I have 2 of these engines and bank is correct on the power. They are however completely stock from factory. I'm going to get one of mine done as they are a blank canvass for a engine modder.
  16. Blazer X

    Diff case screws
  17. Blazer X

    roto start vs. cordless drill

    I used an ac drill once in a pinch and I regretted it. It snapped the rear roto assembly on my os30 like a twig. U must loosen the glow plug. I would recommend to always use a clutch drill and set it light and go up a couple clicks at a time if it slips when turning over the engine.
  18. Blazer X

    insert in carb

    Carb inserts I'm fairly sure were designed more for the racer in mind. On heat racing, by installing different size inserts you can control air intake thus better gas mileage means less stopping. Soulja is correct, it will give u more power for bashing so throw gas mileage out the window, who...
  19. Blazer X

    Another option for Cen diff runners

    If you change to the 11t you will be raising the final gear ratio higher again thus more top end over the already higher cen ratio. You will be putting alot of strain on the engine clutch by adding work applied to the engine clutch...not good. It's like trying to take off in 3rd gear in a normal...
  20. Blazer X

    Which HPISF members are coming to the world finals?

    There are 3 of us coming this year again. We are at the clarion in naggs head this year. I'm lookin forward to not getting sunburnt again. I cant wait to see the large scale stuff run too.