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  1. WoodiE

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Hoping everyone in the HPISF community has a very Merry Christmas!
  2. WoodiE

    Savage XL Flux batteries

    SMC and Graphene are both great LiPo batteries!
  3. WoodiE

    How about

    Right on. Pretty cool thinking @rc4me.US
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    You can find the Savage 21 user manual on
  5. WoodiE


    @phil I would recommend checking out SMC and Turnigy Graphene LiPo's. Both are pretty well known and highly rated batteries.
  6. WoodiE

    Best steering servo

    I would certainly go with the Savox 1210 over the 1232. It's a stronger servo for very little more and with a big monster truck like the Flux you certainly want all the power you can get to move those big tires.
  7. WoodiE

    3s LiPo opinions

    Used? That thing doesn't look like it's been ran once. Nice find!
  8. WoodiE

    WHERE'S WoodiE ???

    Hey gents. Glad to see my presence is missed ;) Seriously though, as @Jam Racing 1 already explained - I'm here and I try to visit about once a day if I can. Mostly viewing the "New Posts" links to see what's up and maybe throw my two cents in here or there. Really though X and Jam both do a...
  9. WoodiE

    New X-maxx killer

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't think Traxxas has anything to worry about.
  10. WoodiE

    Savage-central for sale

    @Grumpy1822 that really really sucks to hear. Really sucks. I reached out to the owner the last time they had issues and he said he was going to keep it going. Then again when the domain name expired just a while back, and never heard back. :( The value isn't the name but the content that was...
  11. WoodiE

    I'm getting the itch!

    Nice choice on the bearings. ;) :D
  12. WoodiE

    Savage XL - Slipper Clutch Pad (also DIY)

    Best to give that info to us then, as it helps us to better help you. ;)
  13. WoodiE

    Savage XL - Slipper Clutch Pad (also DIY)

    Except they are available...
  14. WoodiE

    Savage XL - Slipper Clutch Pad (also DIY)

    @TDA, you could upgrade to the heavy duty ceramic pads, HPI #107454.
  15. WoodiE

    Another Major Fire...

    That sucks to hear Jam. Hope it stays clear of you. Stay safe!
  16. WoodiE

    Aftermarket parts

    So sad but so true. I was really looking forward to seeing what the Octane could have been.
  17. WoodiE

    A good air cleaner replacement for the stock one

    @Bboy86 I would agree with @olds97_lss. The stock filter does a fine job, but if you do want an upgrade then getting the Motor Saver air filter would be the only other filter I would run.
  18. WoodiE

    DARPA reconfigurable wheels

    Uhh what... I was not expecting to see the wheels change from a track to round. So when can we expect to see our RC's doing the same? :D
  19. WoodiE

    Best budget batteries for savage flux hp?

    @CaseyR187 I also recommend taking a look at the SMC batteries.
  20. WoodiE

    Savage+Hellfire+Tekno+Mugen Mod

    Great stuff @carldav, thanks for sharing!