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  1. Preacher_Ed

    New Pics of KM Baja

    I was thinking that I needed to practice more with a new lens that I have to see if I like the pic quality, color saturation, and sharpness. Figured my freshly cleaned up KM Baja was a good subject.
  2. Preacher_Ed

    Need help with identification

    Wife went to a garage sale and scored a a few RC vehicles for $50. The first one was a Traxxas E-Maxx (older one) with dual brushed engines. The other one is a nitro buggy that I'm hoping that someone here can identify. Here are the pictures: The motor came with no plug and I think I...
  3. Preacher_Ed

    Preacher's New KM Baja

    I picked up my KM Baja from the local UPS facility. This thing is huge. I didn't even imagine how big it would be. I unpacked it only to discover that the front stock support was damaged. I contacted the seller, and he was way cool and the part I need is on the way. I spent the day messing...
  4. Preacher_Ed

    Servo Questions

    I finally ordered some Lipos and got around to playing with my flux. I noticed that the steering is fine with wheels up off the ground, but when the weight of the truck is on the front wheels the servo appearing to weak to turn the wheels fully (even with the truck moving). I'm going to...
  5. Preacher_Ed

    3s Lipos

    Good morning, everyone!!! My 2S lipos for my Flux HP are starting to swell and won't charge, so it's time to buy new ones. I want to go up to 3s lipos. with as high a discharge rate as is reasonable. I would like to hear from some of you guys about what you run and what will fit in the stock...
  6. Preacher_Ed

    Possible Servo Issues

    This morning I was running my Flux and noticed that it was struggling to turn. The wheels don't go full travel in either direction. When I pick the car up the servo is able to turn the wheels. Everything looks fine and as long as the truck is off the ground, the servo seems to turn the wheels...
  7. Preacher_Ed

    I think I gotta bad ESC

    Today I decided to play with my flux. After about 10 min, the truck went dead. The batteries were fresh and had a good charge. When I took the lid off I noticed that the fan on the ESC was not running. The power switch give me no indication that there is any power to the ESC. What else can...
  8. Preacher_Ed

    Mechanical Brakes on Flux HP

    I was reading that one way to keep the heat down in the ESC is to install mechanical brakes. Has anyone done this? Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm looking for another project for the Flux and this one looks fun.
  9. Preacher_Ed

    Red loctite

    I have been having problems with the grub screw coming loose and causing my pinion gear to move. I have tried to blue Loctite but it only holds for a short time. I'm scared of the red Loctite, but am tired of having my screw come loose. If I use the red, what extreme measures will I have to...
  10. Preacher_Ed

    Showing off some new lids

    Got these lids from Maximusraylius. Thank you brother for helping me to keep my Flux looking sweet!
  11. Preacher_Ed

    Integy rear carrier questions

    My new (used) Savage Flux HP came with the Integy rear carriers installed. I noticed when running (even with new rims and tires) a considerable amount of tire wobble. I removed the carrier and noticed that there is a little play when wobbling the stem (the part that the wheel slides over and...
  12. Preacher_Ed

    2 Speed Tranny in a Flux HP

    Someone mentioned this in the chatbox and it got me thinking: what would be the result of putting the 2 speed Savage transmission in the Flux? Has anyone ever done this? Is it a bad idea? Some of your genius's chime in and help me out!!!
  13. Preacher_Ed

    Castlelink Question

    I recently ordered and began to play with the Castlelink connector. I have learned some of the basic adjustments but would like to know if anyone can explain the throttle and brake curve and how they work?
  14. Preacher_Ed

    Wheel nut keeps comming loose

    I just bought a Flux XP and the previous owner modded the rear carriers (see the above pic). The problem I'm having is that the nut that holds the wheel on keeps coming loose every few passes. I never had this issue on my nitro Savage. Does anyone know what I can do to prevent the nut from...
  15. Preacher_Ed

    New Savage Flux HP

    Received my ebay Flux HP today. Before it arrived I placed an order for some 3s LiPo's. I got it and it came with a couple of 2s lipos. I charged them and put them in. This thing is an absolute beast coming from a nitro savage. I might nave to put the 3s lipos away until I improve my...
  16. Preacher_Ed

    Flysky FS-GT3C

    I have seen that Flysky is releasing a new radio system that I might be interested in. I'm thinking of ordering one of these (since I had a really good experience with the...
  17. Preacher_Ed


    I have been watching all month waiting for HPI to release their much-touted 1/8th scale gasoline engine. It (or at least vehicles powered by it) were supposed to be (according to HPI press release) in March of this year, but alas, March has come and gone, and still no good news. I was hoping...
  18. Preacher_Ed

    Filter Oil

    I run K&N filters in all of my cars. I was wondering if the cleaner and oil from my K&N cleaning kit can be used to clean the filter on savage X.
  19. Preacher_Ed

    Effects of Temp and Humidity

    When I first broke my engine in, I had it tuned well. I have noticed that lately the acceleration has been a little sluggish, but the temps have been around 70 degrees (vs 90 degrees when i first tuned it). I'm assuming that ambient temperature has an effect on the tune of the engine, but I'm...
  20. Preacher_Ed

    Today was a good day.

    Since the time I got my Savage, I have not had a good engine in it. Both engines I received in the trade were low compression engines. For the past few days I have been breaking in my new engine and tuning it. Today I think I hit the sweet spot. I tuned the HSN and got the speed that I...