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  1. maximusraylius

    my proline bulldog build

    Just an average savage nothing extreme. But thought I'd share. .
  2. maximusraylius

    my new XL build nothing to extreme just simple and clean.

    I started by deanodeanodized the orange parts and the tvps then polished them to and high lustre chrome. Added lst2 shocks. Front aluminum knuckles rear aluminum tie rod Eliminators did the cooling head to match. Chromed the clutch bell and spur gear.chromed my ths pipe.did my simple ofna 250 CC...
  3. maximusraylius

    nephews 69 Dodge charger I airbrushed for his birthday surprise.

    Hope he likes it. It's a surprise for him ..thought I'd show y'all and get your thoughts on it. Let me know what you think ..thx.
  4. maximusraylius

    airbrush project

    done a lil project for my son...let me know what you think ..
  5. maximusraylius

    short video bashing out in the desert .

    heres a fast short video clip ..thought id share to hot to be out in it to long .
  6. maximusraylius

    post your fleet big or small

    hey guys i just wanted to start this thread n see everyiones fleets of rcs .. cars trucks boats planes what ever you got if you have several get a group shot of them and post it here .... come on guys lets see these fleets! heres some of mine to start with ..
  7. maximusraylius

    my custom made beadlock rings

    hey guys ... i made me some beadlock rings for my truck puller .. just was wondering if i should drill small holes all the way around the center hole ... maybe like 1/4 inch size... also drill same size in between the screws holding the outer ring on .. what yall think? all polished up ...
  8. maximusraylius

    help finding a devil font

    hey guys I'm looking to find some crazy evil looking font to do my name in as well as the name of my puller in when i paint the new body for it ... I'm looking for some lettering with devil tails or something along them lines ... the trucks going to be called LUCIFER if anyone knows how to find...
  9. maximusraylius

    my truck puller /show truck warning its bright might wanna wear welders goggles

    well guys this is what i got so far .. still a long ways to go need a body... clutch set up and wheels tires and motors.. yes going to try running duel 32.s electronics and fuel tank.and.diff locks ..everythings polished and nickle plated ..alot of man hours went into it so far... alot more...
  10. maximusraylius

    don't like to polish your aluminum parts? let me do it for you..

    hey guys I'm going to be offering up some polishing and de anodizing services for all your aluminum parts . they will have a mirror like shine . ill remove most if not all small machining marks and nicks in the parts from rocks being thrown at it from the tires ect. heres a price list .. i think...
  11. maximusraylius

    airbrush tips

    hey guys .. i see alot of ppl been getting interested in airbrushing their own lids lately so i figured id make this thread to kinda help out . and maybe other ppl that know about airbrushing /brushes ect will chime in aswell cause I'm by far a pro at any of this but I'm learning as i go and self...
  12. maximusraylius

    brand new rs4mt2 and newly painted lid.

    just got this .. a few family members been running truggies n stadium trucks lately so i went n got a small one to run with them ... and i painted the lid i got at same time .. hope you guys like it .. I'm trying new layering and stuff on my paint .. idk.... looks ok i guess.. bone stock right...
  13. maximusraylius

    freshly painted fire storm lid

    i just finished painting this dodge lid for my brothers firestorm . just wanted to share it.. hope you all like it .. thx for looking guys..
  14. maximusraylius

    flm bulk screw size?

    does anyone know the size of the screws that go in the flm bulks? i cant seem to find any thing on the net for it ... thx guys ...
  15. maximusraylius

    xl extended axle spacer size or part number?

    anyone know the size of the spacers that go on the xl axles? or the part number? need the length of them so i can make a set or a part number with specs ect... thx fellas..
  16. maximusraylius

    baja lid i done for a member .

    heres a lid i done up for a member here .. we were just wanting to see what other members think of it .. thx guys ..
  17. maximusraylius

    my custom t shirt done by a member

    hey guys i got a 1 off t shirt made by a members brother .. i think it looks sick so figured id share . thx to bigdaddy808.. terrance....what you guys think? thx again terrance....
  18. maximusraylius

    post your first paint job here!

    whats up guys figured it would be a nice idea to have a thread where everyone can post the very first lid they painted in one area,,, the good the bad the ugly it dnt matter .. lets see them paint jobs guys .. my first one i thought was so sweet .. still kinda like it but ill start...
  19. maximusraylius

    my ghost skulls bunker jumper lid

    hey guys .. just wanted to share.. I'm trying to hone in on my clean lines and clean effects with ghosting and marbleing effects .. .. this ones 9 colors in all.. so that means 9 layers of mask and paint ..long crazy process but its all in fun i love it ... its black as the main color..and has a...