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  1. Dooley

    Savage Part Out

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  2. Dooley

    HPI 4x4?

    With Team Losi and Team Associated both releasing 4x4 SC's this year when will HPI jump on the train and come out with a 4x4 Blitz?
  3. Dooley

    Racing Fleet

    I just wanted to share a pic of my racing fleet. My Blitz is missing from the pic since it hasn't had its paint done yet.
  4. Dooley

    RC18T2 Body

    I picked up a couple 18th scale trucks to race indoors this winter. I'm working on the RC18T2 this weekend. I finished the body today. It has some flaws but overall I'm happy with it. Uploaded with
  5. Dooley

    Hot Bodies D8 Hara Edition

    NEW CHASSIS Lightweight 3mm chassis. LIGHT WEIGHT COMPONENTS Lightweight drive train and pivot balls...
  6. Dooley

    Losi XXX SCT

    Overview Features Support News & Reviews Gallery Parts & Accessories Buy It Now LOSB0106 MSRP: $299.99 Available for*: $229.99 *at participating retailers...
  7. Dooley

    Scored a Jammin

    You could almost say I stole this truggy. It's an X1 with big bore shocks BCE chassis and some King Headz parts like the front spindles, rear carriers, steering plate and chassis braces. To get it on the track I am putting my Axial .28 RR2 in it. The servos are nothing special. A Futaba s3305...
  8. Dooley

    Dooley's D8

    Well my D8 showed up today. I wasn't expecting it until Monday or Wednesday of next week. Now if it would cool off a bit so I go into the garage and start building it I would be happy. Pics later after the sun goes down.
  9. Dooley

    Motor Suggestions?

    I just ordered up a D8 tonight and wondered if anyone had any suggestions for a mill. I need mill that's going to be competitive yet not drain the wallet either.
  10. Dooley

    Time for new cups

    Yesterday I took the step into the brushless world with my Blitz and installed a Novak Havoc 3s ESC and a Novak Ballistic 10.5t motor. The results after 1 day of racing.
  11. Dooley

    Got Mud?

    I got out in the mud today and had a good time.
  12. Dooley

    Stock SC Heat 4

    I ended up 3rd in this race race today. Then lost a shock bottom in the A main. :( 7yjryICG-iA
  13. Dooley

    Buggy sugesstions

    I am looking for a 2wd electric buggy. I am leaning towards the Associated B4.1 brushless but not sure really what else is out there. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
  14. Dooley

    Pierce Park Raceway - Indiana

    Pierce Park is the track I've been going to the last couple of weeks. The track is near Muncie, IN. They run nitro races on Saturday and Electric on Sundays. I am sure its no different than other tracks but, the people there are very friendly and have been a huge help in helping a racing newbie...
  15. Dooley

    Quarter Scale Racing

    I went with a friend last night to watch some quater scale racing. These sprint cars are some wicked little machines. GrMBkK9WbfM
  16. Dooley

    Jumping on the wagon

    I just ordered up a Blitz and a 7.2v NiMH 5000mah battery from cbp. The nitro racing scene here isnt doing too well so I'm going to try the stock sc class and see how it goes. Pics coming next week when it gets here.
  17. Dooley

    Flux tranny in a nitro?

    I just picked up a flux tranny pretty cheap on the bay. I was thinking of running this with my modded picco. did i just waste some $$$money man ?
  18. Dooley

    Mini LST2

    I got my sons Mini LST going today for him. hd2xobNcGWY
  19. Dooley

    Wheelie Bar

    I have the HPI wheelie bar on one truck but am looking something a little different for my other. Do you all have any suggestions?
  20. Dooley

    Glow Plug Selection Guide

    MikeK1981 commented on my choice of glow plugs in my build thread and it got me thinking and googling on a little more info on glow plugs and I came across this little guide. It's not the most in depth but has some good general info I think. +rep...