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    Fuel Tank Relocation

    There is an exhaust that mounts behind the rear shock tower, in the position you speak of. It looks great! It's one major hit the truck on its tail and you destroy it. I suspect the same would be true for a tank sitting back there.
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    Fuel Tank Relocation

    The most common relocation is what is called a mid-tank mod. The tank is moved to the area of the electronics box, usually getting a bigger better tank as well. This also requires purchasing a small receiver box and relocation the receiver to the outside of the TVP.
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    Converting Savage x 4.6 to electric

    I keep almost getting pulled in with that sort of thinking. Truth is, if you don't have a worthwhile 1/8 combo (esc, motor) and batteries/charger you could still spend several hundred dollars more. That's when I think about just buying a new/used Flux and keeping my Savage a nitro. Then I...
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    engine ?

    I'm curious, @bobbd, have you weighed your Savage? I'm fairly certain if somebody looks at your truck wrong it could bend. :eek:
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    Year info and stock muffler help

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    Year info and stock muffler help

    The muffler seems to be readily available. Having a hard time finding the joint though.
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    Year info and stock muffler help

    This setup?
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    Year info and stock muffler help

    Post up some pictures. We can likely identify most stuff. When you say stock, are you asking for the literal stock exhaust for your truck? Or any stock Savage exhaust?
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    savage x

    There will likely be a bit of debate on this between people. I'm of the opinion that it is always an easy bit of insurance to seal the engine. That, as well as putting some green slime on the o-rings, loctite on the screws into metal and generally going through the engine to make sure there...
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    In search of????

    In stock at:
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    Savage Flux Xl batteries

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    Anyone in Minnesota

    Just north of the twin cities. You?
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    Anyone in Minnesota

    There's a few of us around. :cool:
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    OFNA equivalent linkage set up bits, what else do I need?

    If you are looking to buy a single servo horn, I would wait until you decide on which servo you will use it with. There are a few different spline counts and unless you buy a few different horns, you may end up needing to order again.
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    Savage 25 to Brushless conversion

    They are, as Nova Racing Products. Their online shop still isn't up yet though.
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    .25 front bearing

    Found one on Amazon!
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    Help me choose which Steering Bell Crank to buy

    I would look again, it's easy to miss them as they look part of the piece they're installed in. They won't just fall out during disassembly. Usually you need to pull/ pry them out.
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    Help me choose which Steering Bell Crank to buy

    Part# 85058(10) below. There are four in the steering bell crank assembly. Essentially they are just solid plastic rings. We replace them with bearings for much smoother operation. HPI makes a "kit", linked below. You can also buy the bearings from Fast Eddy, or Boca bearings, etc...
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    Help me choose which Steering Bell Crank to buy

    If it's not broke, it doesn't need to be "upgraded" to aluminum. Even if it is broke, personally, I still wouldn't waste money on buying aluminum over just replacing the stock setup. As @OnThatPipe said, replace bushings with bearings on the stock setup and you're good. Maybe tighten the...
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    Need help

    A swing....and a miss.....:dead: You missed a crucial bit of evidence: That is a Nitro Star S-25. ;)