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  1. faisalbasha

    My first one.

    This is my first body paint trial. Is this any good? Here's how it looks at each of the 3 stages of paint.
  2. faisalbasha

    Rear hub carriers

    I have integy rear hub carriers. They're not good because integy aluminum isn't the best . I learnt my lesson the hard way. Any other brands carry a similar item???
  3. faisalbasha

    goolrc motor brand

    I came across this motor brand on eBay and it looks pretty good for the price. here is the link, i am actually thinking about getting it. should i? I need a motor so this would be a good bang for the buck...
  4. faisalbasha


    The lid mount went right through the lid and theres a big hole. Is there a way to repair it? I really don't want to buy another lid with such a minor problem to the one I have.
  5. faisalbasha

    is aluminum the answer?

    every time my truck flips over these things bend and they have to be replaced. Ive gone through about 10 of the long screws that hold the shocks on the shock towers. Unless i try bending them back to normal shape, its bye bye and i must buy replacements. These are the screws: hpi 94398 would...
  6. faisalbasha

    Smoke and liquid

    i was running my mamba monster 2 on 6s 2200kv with 18t/46t. After 20 minutes of running esc started to smoke and some reddish liquid came out. I thought the esc was dead but waited for it to cool down and started it up again it was working fine. What seems to be the problem? Is the esc damaged?
  7. faisalbasha

    Xl flux body shell no holes

    i bought a flux xl body shell and it's the GMC truck. The body shell has no holes and it's painted. I'm having a hard time trying to find where exactly I should make the holes to have a centered mounted position. Please help.
  8. faisalbasha

    On board speed meter

    I recently bought a quanum speed meter from hobbyking, it worked for 5 minutes and that was it. I tried contacting customer services but its been a week since I sent them an email. I lost hope and my 75$. I'm trying to find a good quality, reasonable price on board speed meter to measure speed...
  9. faisalbasha

    LiPo acting weird

    Is it possible that a volt meter gives a higher reading on LiPo after battery cool down than when its hot?. i had this strange experience yesterday when a battery read 3.25 and 3.25 right when i stopped. when i went home and battery cooled down the readings went to 3.45 and 3.50. are my...
  10. faisalbasha

    possible motor replacement

    I recently started cleaning my truck form a long winter bash and started the motor to see how it was doing. I plugged in the batteries and the motor heated up really fast. after about 10s of running it because difficult to hold it from the heat. the esc is a mamba monster which was cool as ice...
  11. faisalbasha

    steering servo relocation

    I have a steering servo placed under the receiver box sitting upright. now I'm looking to relocate it so its directly attached to the plate making it horizontal. here are some pictures to demonstrate. The reason for this change is because i want a waterproof servo because my previous one wasnt...
  12. faisalbasha

    bye bye mm2

    I just smoked my mamba monster 2.... not sure how that happened. here are some facts about the run: 1- 6s, 5500mah x2 = 11000mah 2- 19 pinion 3- 46 spur (mid diff) 4- 1600kv leopard motor. Did i do anything wrong?
  13. faisalbasha

    LiPo battery

    i just bought a 3s LiPo but there is 1 cell thats about 0.20 higher than the other 2. 3.83 3.82 4.01 is this going to be a problem?
  14. faisalbasha

    Unpredictable signal loss

    I'm experiencing signal loss with my truck. I got new batteries, new esc with brand new cables and wires, new receiver. The signal loss starts at around 20-30 feet. Sometimes the truck wants to run away. I have no idea what the problem is. The servo is good too.
  15. faisalbasha

    wheels and nuts

    my stock savage flux hp nuts are almost completely worn out making it hard to un/screw them. i recently bought these tires and wheels. the question...
  16. faisalbasha

    Overheating issues

    My quicrun 150a is overheating with only 4s. Is this possible ? I had to wait a couple of minutes for it to cool down. I don't think 6s is a good idea in this case. My savage contains a mid diff with 46t spur. And a 20 or 25t pinion. Not too sure...
  17. faisalbasha

    wire protection

    some guys I've seen on this forum use tubing to protect their wires. I'm trying to find out what they're called but no luck so far..... here is a picture of what I'm talking about or at least similar ideas.. please help.
  18. faisalbasha

    will these work together?

    these wheels ------- Pro-Line 1198-13 Big Joe II 3.8 and these nuts - - - - -...
  19. faisalbasha

    Selling advice.

    Whats a good price to sell a castle mamba max pro and a 1410 motor also castle. As a combo or seperately. They are fairly new maximum. Ran them about 40 times.
  20. faisalbasha

    I hope I soldered correctly

    I just received my new esc and had to do some soldering. However I'm not sure I did it 100% right with the + and - Please tell me if its right