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  1. Grumpy1822

    XL Nitro to Brushless

    X01 Motor and esc. Alza center diff kit with vorza
  2. Grumpy1822


    I'm converting my nephews savage to electric. I bought a x01 motor and esc. I am using the alza center diff kit with vorza diff. 48t Currently i have a 16th pinion. Anything smaller causes the motor to hit the drive cup. Is it over geared?
  3. Grumpy1822

    Savage power combo

    Losi454 spin/pull start less than gallon with ofna 086 pipe 3 spd tranny with sv250 mod motor saver brakes clutch motor mount and plate xl $150 shipped con US
  4. Grumpy1822

    Savage-central for sale

    Been a long time. Fun while it lasted
  5. Grumpy1822

    8 Big Bores Mounted

    Mounted them up today. Had to make some spacers out of an old set of A arms. Thats Tmaxx springs, colars, and perch on the inner front. They have goos stiffness without interfering with the steering. Ive dropped the truck from 6-8 feet and it does not bottom out despite weighing 15lbs. I...
  6. Grumpy1822

    Weighed the trucks today

    This one weighed in at 14.3lbs with IRC std TVPs, LST alu shocks, alu chubs/knuckles, Chrome molly roll bar and 40 series Bowties on Proline dish rims. This one was 15lbs even with IRC ext TVPs, LST alu shocks, alloy chubs/knuckles 40 series Big Joes and GPM alu bulkheads and diff cases...
  7. Grumpy1822

    OS.30 Carnage

    Somebody was telling how long they will last *:lol: 3 gal.
  8. Grumpy1822

    My latest R/c

    Of coarse its got an ERCM pipe:10:
  9. Grumpy1822

    Miss u guys

    My new job as Mgmt is killing me. I miss spending time with some of you guys.
  10. Grumpy1822

    My Mugen ERCM powered Crash!

    Crash your old ERCM in a truggy!
  11. Grumpy1822

    How to tell when youve had enough! Menace pics

    Some of you know the trouble I have had with my ####macher Menace. Well today I had enough and fixed it for good. I have to say that schumacher is the biggest POS Rc on the market. They make radio shack look like a quality RC. Every run, a broken part. not any more.I think I just bent the head...
  12. Grumpy1822

    One lucky 6yr old

    Ive created a monster. My 6yr old nephews R/C collection. He also has a Micro-MT not pictured. The Savage has an OS.30 with Ofna 086 pipe, Integy rear rod eliminators, XL chassis, Mani5t cage, alu front hubs and knuckles, 3spd, Ofna tank, 23mm hex with Cheyennes wrapped in Mashers. The...
  13. Grumpy1822

    Menace 28 pics

    Finally some pics of the Menace thats been giving me a giant headache. Now equipped with a macs pipe, Jato Anaconda wheels, Ceramic bearings and the Picco.28. Just got my Futaba 4pk back today, maybe next week I'll get to try it out again. on road body off road
  14. Grumpy1822

    Beefing up the 3Speed

    Well I got tired of seeing shredded 3spds, but also want the top end that the 3spd has to offer so I thought up a way to combine the 3spd rotationals with the 2spd drive gears. Since it seem taht most failures come from the whimpy thin 3spd drive gears. The 2spd gears are more than twice as...
  15. Grumpy1822

    I just cant help myself

    So, I was stuck in the boonies for work, bored to death. Hotel didnt have int., so I went for ride and found a killer hobby shop. Walked out with this. Next time I go on a work trip, I wil have this travel size r/c with me.
  16. Grumpy1822

    Savage Single Speed Mod.

    Well you guys know the issues were having with modded engines and exploding trannys so following the lead from Savagesam, I mocked up this version. This was done using the HD 2spd as a starting point. First I used an old 3spd gear that came with the original 3 spd, not the HS 3spd. I ground...
  17. Grumpy1822

    RPM Warranty Policy

    After a concerning thread posted at s/c, I emailed RPM and they sent me this. I thought I would post it so everyone was clear on their warranty policies. Dear Jimmy, Thank you for your confidence in RPM products. We try our best to make the most rugged and durable products and at...
  18. Grumpy1822

    Monster King

    You guys see this? Whats up with the front wheels?
  19. Grumpy1822

    New mill for the Menace

  20. Grumpy1822

    Ofna 125cc tank mounting

    I'e seen a few people asking about the Ofna or New Era tank. It is not necc. to get the New Era or have a guard at all. You can use the stock mounts and two shims to mount it up and keep the ease of the stock tank. The tank is an Ofna 125cc. Mounts are stock. Mount both mounts on the outside...