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    Seems HPI is finally releasing a "new" Savage. It is a XL Flux, but I am struggling to find anything new about it, save for the body.
  2. X is another site @WoodiE owns. Lots of manuals, parts lists, etc. there. I believe anyone can upload new documents to the site. Plenty of Savage manuals already there, but feel free to add anything you don't find there!
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    HPI is now....Maverick? What?!?!?!? Hopefully it is just a glitch, but none of the old HPI models are listed on the site anymore. New kits listed:
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    Savage XL Flux

    HPI has finally released the details for the Savage XL FLux. Link below. Tower Hobbies shows:
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    Favorite Breweries/ Beer

    Alright fellow forum members, it's time to combine two of my favorite things. RCs and Beer. Since we have people from all over the globe here it will be interesting to see what's out there. You may find something new to try! I'll start this off with a couple favorites of mine. Deschutes...
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    Traxxas style hex adapters

    There has been a few threads recently asking about using Traxxas wheels or wheels that have the Traxxas spline on the hex hubs. I came across a hub set made for the Savage that takes care of that.;c=203 Somebody will have to give them...
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    New HPI kits

    Lots of new HPI kits on their way. Including several new iterations of the Savage! All the Newest HPI Kits at the Nürnberg Toy Fair! Tue, 26th January 2016 HPI Racing is coming to you LIVE from the world's biggest toy fair, the Spielwarrenmesse, otherwise known as the Nürnberg Toy Fair...
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    Shed of Doom

    I have been following this thread since inception. If you want a really good laugh, take a look. You'll thank me for it. Shed of Doom
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    Q32 D8T Tessmann Edition

    The Q32 is an amusing micro RC for the price. Looks like HPI is already coming out with an "upgraded" variant.............. I had to laugh a bit at this. No performance upgrades. Nothing to fix a number of shortcomings this car has. Just useless...
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    Nitro Engine Sealing

    As this topic has come up numerous times recently, here is a copy of good directions on sealing up a nitro engine. How to seal your RC nitro engine Today I will take you step-by-step through the process of sealing your engine. Whether your engine is brand new, or you have been running it for a...
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    MGW race spec

    There are a few mustang owners and it's been a little slow around here, so I thought I would let others drool over what I've been drooling over. Anyone who has ever driven a MT-82 equipped car (6 speed manual) knows how awful the remote shifter design is. All sorts of flexing and sloppy...
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    Baja 5R On Road

    Want!! I can't even count the amount of reasons that I want this, even though I know it will be ungodly expensive.
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    My new 1:1 toy

    2008 Harley Davidson Night Rod Special!!!! I'll try not to kill myself while I learn to ride it.
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    Proof that LST shocks are not invincible

    I was doing a little driving today. Nothing extreme, just 1 1/2 - 2 foot high jumps. Luckily I was able to get in a few tanks of driving before I did this: I landed a jump and notice my rear right side was sagging. As I come closer I notice that the spring was missing. At first...
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    Sealing engine, where to buy supplies?

    I've decided that I really need to seal my engine. That being the case where do I find the Team Associated's Green Slime grease and Permatex Ultra Copper? Anyone in minnesota know of any specific stores that stock them? Thanks
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    Nitro/ oil residue on pipe

    Is there a way to clean off the brown spots that can get on the pipe and header from the fuel and oil?
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    HPI Dirt Claws tires and HPI Warlock wheels (black)

    I was fortunite enough to be given the opportunity by HPISF to review the HPI Dirt Claws tires and HPI Warlock wheels (black). Here is what was recieved: Out of the packaging: And mounted: First impressions: The combinations looks like it was ment to be together, at the very...
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    differences in LST shocks

    I have run across several names while searching for LST type shocks. Is there a difference between names such as LST, LST 2, aftershock, etc? Or are they all the same shock?
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    IRC kit with RPM a arms?

    Does the IRC LST shock kit mount to the RPM A-Arms? I would like a nicer alternative to the savage 25 a-arms.
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    gear ratio

    Can I run a 48t spur with a 13t clutch bell without modification? On the hpi chart it does not list the 48t spur so I wanted to make sure. I'm trying to get these big 7 inch tires off the ground with the gears I already have. Thanks