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  1. Crash

    On Road Bodys

    has anyone ever seen a full cover body on a savage that fits the wheels inside the wheel wells? I'd like to find a on road car body that would be a nice fit giving the savage a real on road car look.
  2. Crash

    savage flux issue with electronics

    good morning hpisf hi men, I just put my flux back together after about 2 months on the shelf. I installed new pinion on motor. After charging the packs and transmitter batteries I attempted to do a test run when, after turning on the transmitter and then the receiver, I heard the usually...
  3. Crash

    flux pinions

    hello HPISF I am replacing another broken pinion on my flux has anyone found that a particular brand is stronger then others? I have tore up the stock HPI ones and a castle Creations one so far thanks for your input Dan
  4. Crash

    2s or 3s

    watcha running in your Flux men?
  5. Crash

    battery question on discharging

    I have read two theory's since getting into LiPo technology Is there any need to discharge a LiPo other than running it in your truck? thanks guys
  6. Crash

    Neumotors cool site
  7. Crash

    Its Allan Q B day~

    Happy Birthday Sir'
  8. Crash

    CRash's starter Heli

    Sandy thought I was getting bored with the she don't know about the 3s coming in 43 days........:lmao: god bless her, she went to hobby shop and grabbed me a heli she was shocked at how small it was when we unboxed Its been fun learning to fly this thing is...
  9. Crash

    Uneven Cells

    I have a 2 cell LiPo that has one cell over a 1 volt lower then other
  10. Crash

    Stop Pinion from moving

    hi guys I a Flux and seems that after a couple packs the pinon seems to move on me. I tried red lock tight... When I try to tighten those lillte grub screws they strip out on me, had to drill 2 out already... Any one consider drilling out the draft shaft to fit a pin like the drive shafts...
  11. Crash

    how to get sponsorship I liked this video, the first 6 min. is spot on......
  12. Crash

    AB mods twin Picco 0PQLNsI-EoM
  13. Crash

    rc surfer
  14. Crash

    Crash's Savage FLUX HP

    Yes, the rumors are true......
  15. Crash

    Dual Stainless Brakes

    Hi guys, I made a couple upgrades recently and these brakes from HPI are night and day from the stock one fiber disk brake set up. get yours they are worth twice that price imo '
  16. Crash

    having fun w savy

  17. Crash

    Baby moose Enjoy~
  18. Crash

    cool table saw
  19. Crash

    WTB OFNA 086 Tuned Pipe anyone have one? :punkrock:
  20. Crash

    Crash's Channel

    CrashHPISF ^^^^ CLICK