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  1. Shaun

    Merry christmas everyone!!

    Just wanted to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a happy new year and I'm hoping you all have a safe holiday season......... P.S.. AND SANTA THERE BETTER BE A BAJA UNDER THE TREE TOMORROW MORNING OR ELSE!!! LMAO
  2. Shaun

    Xl center skid plate

    I have seen a few people looking for a xl center skid plate and having problems finding one well here's a ebay seller that i have done business with before and there great to do business with and they have a nice looking skid for the xl...
  3. Shaun

    Turnbuckles/Tie rods

    hi guys,I'm on the hunt for a better turnbuckle/tie rod for my savage x, i have used stock and recently tried the gpm racing ones which were titanium which is great you will never break the shaft but they used this brittle hard plastic for the ends and it broke real easy so what do you guys run...
  4. Shaun

    RC heli

    check out this rc heli
  5. Shaun

    Congrats ljrce on becoming part of the administrative staff!!!!

    just wanted to give a shout out to LJRCE and congrats on being promoted to a administrator its well deserved as you have been a huge part of all the changes around here from what i've heard and the forum's getting better and better all the time!!:resp:
  6. Shaun

    You know your a redneck when........ you use a beer keg for a fuel tank!!
  7. Shaun

    Flex-tek a-arms

    Have you guys heard about flex-tek not making there a-arms anymore? apparently not cost effective anymore to make them so only a few sets left!!
  8. Shaun

    picco 28

    is this the picco 28 engine that everyones waiting for? or is it a different model? if so there now back in stock at rc planet!!
  9. Shaun

    drift track

    check out this vid of someone's basement looks like a blast!!
  10. Shaun

    great vid on you-tube

    have you seen this vid? its not me but an awsome vid..
  11. Shaun

    wanna ride?

    check out this insane vid!!
  12. Shaun

    killer quad

    check out this drag atv man i wished i had one lol or heres some extreme riding!
  13. Shaun

    another copyright infringement

    hi guys and gals check out a ebay store called hotpursuithobbies there selling a savage ss truggy lol no lie.. how do you go about contacting hpi? look for ss savage truggy
  14. Shaun

    Motosaver airfilter review

    well first off i know theres already been a review about this so I'm not just going to go and write the same stuff if possible lol but i was sent this filter to try and give my thoughts on it so i want to hold up my end the best i can as this oppurtunity is appreciated , well as i stated in a...
  15. Shaun

    Motosaver airfilter review

    Well first off I know theres already been a review about this so I'm not just going to go and write the same stuff if possible lol but I was sent this filter to try and give my thoughts on it so I want to hold up my end the best I can as this opportunity is appreciated , well as I stated in a...
  16. Shaun

    Monster Jam World Freestyle Champion

    just watched the monster jam world freestyle finals and wanted to congradulate adam anderson for becoming the world freestyle champion was an awsome show.. so congrats my man the title couldnt of went to a better driver!!
  17. Shaun


    check out this crawler !! it comes as shown but without electronics and motors, i found a dude on ebay called TIME-EAGLE thats has these!!
  18. Shaun

    wheel studs

    new era models now makes studs for winter and ice driving might be interesting to see some lake racing lol
  19. Shaun

    Nova 1.5in wheel extensions

    Review of Nova 1.5in wheel extensions well as most of you know by now i received my nova wheel extensions today.. first off let me say that i was impressed by how they all go together the pin that slides inside the wheel hex can only drop in one way and it comes with the grub screw to secure...
  20. Shaun

    Nova 1.5in wheel extensions

    i just recieved my nova 1.5in wheel extensions and installed them on my savage x.. installation was fairly easy after the morning coffee lol lol all i can say is WOW its got a nice wide stance now!!! P.S.. once the weather cooperates i'll run my sav x and let you all know how...