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  1. wildchild27

    Installing flywheel / clutch bell, but drive shaft hangs out of clutch to far? w/pics

    It's missing the steel bushing that goes on just before you put the screw in the end of the crank, look at the last picture it's not a shim issue
  2. wildchild27

    new kit

    Ya I think its a much needed option to have its also a new possible way to spice this site up a little bit as well
  3. wildchild27

    new kit

    About 2 weeks ago I got a new losi 8t-t 2.0 And love the truck ill try and post pics with mine and wildgirls scte's. Wish the forum had an option to do direct upload from phone or other device for pictures lol
  4. wildchild27

    losi 8ight t 2.0 conversion

    You could always leave it nitro lol. BL is getting to become to commen don't go to the dark side lmao
  5. wildchild27

    hpi usa bankrupt

    Love Hpi to much still have my original savage but I'm glad to see something goin on and still being able to buy parts
  6. wildchild27

    Tax time builds

    What are you guys doin with Rc this tax time?, I ordered a couple Losi's 8ight-t 2.0 and scte waiting for them to show up. Your turn guys let's keep this house open for family/friends
  7. wildchild27

    Grinding sounds and I have a vid question

    As Lyle said welcome to the forum
  8. wildchild27

    WTB axial ps or roto

    ok kewl the spring in my ps broke the housing and popped me across the nose so the mill is just sittin on my shelf with only 2gal on it and I'm stuck runnin my crappy f mill lol.
  9. wildchild27

    LJ'S Brushless Losi Build

    that was my old buggy and couldnt stand the BLEEPING thing sc or mt for me maybe an AE buggy but the losi na ill pass lol
  10. wildchild27

    WTB axial ps or roto

    looking for either an axial ps or roto doesnt matter if its an hpi branded but for the .28-.32 thnx eric....
  11. wildchild27

    hpi 1/8 gas engine revealed

    if i can get my hands on one ill drop nitro forever :smiliejam:
  12. wildchild27


    ok guys ive been in the hobby for a min now and finally got a gasser last yr now with that said ive seen on here and other places about flippin the clutch could someone explain what this is exactly lol thnx
  13. wildchild27

    its a girl!!!!

    thnx brian I'm glad ive got my lil girl and if i had to do all the same stuff all over again i would because nothing feels better than to have my baby girl look at me and squeeze my finger and fall alseep lol I'm actually happy
  14. wildchild27

    Complete Tear Down And Clean what to use?

    just remember to cut the simple green personally i go with a 50/50 mix
  15. wildchild27

    Complete Tear Down And Clean what to use?

    plug the carb exhaust and fuel fittings and use simple green and a tooth brush easier to pull the mill when cleaning
  16. wildchild27

    What are the "Best" Upgrades for an XL

    flm or cf motor 2.4 tx/rx MID TANK MOD and servos i know other guys will chime in and welcome to hpisf!!!
  17. wildchild27

    its a girl!!!!

    THNX GUYS this little girl is def my world now if i can get her to hold a tx and we're set lmao but madison is perfect and i couldnt ask for a better family!!!!
  18. wildchild27

    its a girl!!!!

    hey guys just wanted to let you know me and wildgirl27 had our baby saturday mornin 6LBS 11oz and 20" long her name is madison ann thomas ill post pics later when we get home:10:
  19. wildchild27

    Snow Vs Savage X

    i take the elastic part of a sock and slip it over the cooling head and i give the arms bones ect a quick wipe down with dw40 and a cut pop can over the filter and off i go, then after I'm done runnin ill drop the truck a couple times to knock off the larger stuff and use a compressor to get the...
  20. wildchild27

    indiana, ft wayne

    I'm in etna green and race reg at summit rc raceway runnin 4wd open sc