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  1. Doesgo

    SMF Store - Closing Out, Shutting Down

    This is it guys, we're beginning the shut-down procedures. We've got a ton of stuff at 40% off now, and soon even HPI parts will be on sale as well. Here's the list from 40% OFF (or more) all remaining parts and accessories* from: OFNA (pipes, linkage parts, starter boxes...
  2. Doesgo

    More On Sale at SMF Store!

    We just added a 25% off sale on all in-stock HPI monster truck wheels to the sale we've got going on right now. Thought you might want to know. For more details, see the home page. Bruce
  3. Doesgo

    HPI Big Bore Aluminum Shock Set for Savage!

    From HPI Racing: The HPI Big Bore Aluminum Shock Set is a four shock conversion set that makes Savage trucks handle better, reduces maintenance time, and looks great too! The set is lighter, stronger, and smoother than the stock Savage shocks. Oversized shock shafts and hard anodized aluminum...
  4. Doesgo

    HPI #77065 High-Speed Gears - Recalled!

    I just received a call from our distributor and HPI is recalling the #77065 high-speed gear sets. I was told full replacement sets will be sent out for all of them, and it sounds like the replacements will go through the dealers. They're not exactly sure when the new sets will be on their way...
  5. Doesgo

    2-Speed vs. 3-Speed Savage Tranny

    I'm trying to calculate through the driveline gears of the Savage 2-speed and 3-speed in order to approximate road speed given no variables (power, drag, tire growth, etc.). The mathematics aren't the problem, the Savage's transmissions are the problem, or the gears therein. From what I see...